Friday, July 13, 2012

Will You Be My Maid?

I have been so busy with wedding planning that I almost forgot about my beloved cricut and blog!!! =(

Since I got engaged, I have been thinking about a lot of different things I could do with my cricut machine for the wedding...maybe I'll be even bold enough to make my own invitations...yes, all 150+ of them!

First things first--- I had to ask my friends to be my maid of honor and bridesmaids! I found this similar idea on Pinterest and decided spice it up with my own ideas. Hope you enjoy!

I used the Martha Stewart score board and followed instructions on how to make a 2X3X3 inch box.
Tip: To make the right lid, always remember to align the cardstock at the triangle mark I have circled in red in the picture below! (I have forgotten this a few times and my lid becomes a bit funky)

The purple pinwheel boxes are my Maid of Honors and the rest are my Bridesmaids!

(Pinwheels are made using Martha Stewart score board. I took a 1X12 in cardstock/paper and scored it at every inch horizontally. Then glue/tap the ends together to make a wheel! Isn't it cute?)

Inside contains a ring pop for everyone!:

This is a cute and simple project to do to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids!
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation Card

Whoa, I have not been here in a looonggg time! Sorry readers! I had a lot of stuff going on this month that I will  blog about soon ;)

A couple of weekends ago,  some good friends of mine graduated from Law and Pharmacy school. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the Pharmacy graduation cards so I only have one card to show. So proud of my friends!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is coming up! Last year, I made this card for my bf's mom. I'm trying to think of new ideas for this year!

This was my first and only trifold card. Took some time to get all the right measurements and cuts together!

Pretty? I have to come up with something new to top off last years!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Care Package

My childhood best friend had her birthday this week and I wanted to send her something extra special.
I've always seen 'welcome/care packages' moms send their kids while they are in college and couldn't help but to try to make one myself. Of course, I had to attach one of my cards with it ;)

A2 card:
- Cuttle bug Happy birthday folder
- Bird/Chick cut at 3 in
- Present cut at 1.5 (?) in.

I used some recollections "April" paper for the present...too bad you can't even see "April." haha, oh well.

Presenting my first care package! I filled it up with some school supplies, candy, crackers, snacks, gum/mint, soup base mixes and more!
Do you see my card? =)

Thanks for stopping by!
Graduation season is around the corner. Get ready for some graduation cards!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes

I made this card for a friend who celebrated her birthday last weekend.
Isn't this card so sweet and cute??

A7 card:

< cupcakes are 'popping out'

Hope you enjoyed this!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My First Box

I've had my Martha Stewart score board for a long time now but have never made a box until recently!

My advice-- use thick cardstock! I don't know why I thought using regular thin cardstock would NOT make it flimsy. I learned my lesson and added some scraps of cardstock I had laying around inside the edges of the box.

I made this box for my long time friend's birthday.
Inside the box contains 2 nail polishes. hehe

Making this box was pretty fun. I can't wait to make more!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thinking of you card

This past weekend was my friend's 2 year memorial service. I made this "Thinking of You" card for his family and I thought this card turned out pretty nice.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple Present Card

Here is a simple birthday card I made

Cuttle bug folders used: Leafy & Swiss dots

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lost Snowman

So I found a picture of a Christmas Card that I never posted!!
Presenting...the lost snow man!

A2 Card.
I ripped the white cardstock to make the snow effect. Cool, huh?

My posts have been slow lately so please bare with me! Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday card using Kate's ABC's

Here is a simple birthday card I made for my sisters friend.

I found this cute background paper in a super old stack of leftover scrapbooking pile  in my closet =)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

"Fake Check" Card

A friend of mine asked me to make a unique card for her brother's wedding. She wanted me to make a ''fake check'' which represented an I owe you message. I love challenges and I thought this card turned out fabulous!

I used the #10 (?) standard card size-- 7.5x9 in.

I would say creating the actual fake check was the hardest. You can't really tell but it says "Bank of Cutedeesigns" hehe.

The married couples zodiacs are a rabbit and a cow! I also left a little space for my friend to write them a message

Hope you enjoyed this unique piece of card!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple A2 Happy Birthday Mouse

I made this mouse card for my boyfriend's mom who celebrated her birthday last week.
She loved it! It is sitting on her kitchen counter right now. haha

Simple A2 card:

Materials used:
- Purple cardstock 5.5x8.5 in
- Patterned Recollections Pastel cardstock 4x5.25 in
- Happy birthday cut at 1.5 in
- Mouse cut at 2.75 in
- Essentials Ribbon

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A2 Easel Encouragement Card

My best friend since 4 has been having a crazy rotation schedule so I decided to make her an encouragement card to remind her to smile!

I used this awesome tutorial to make this easel card- A2 easel card tutorial

- Zebra cut at 3 in
- Flower cut at 3 in
- Smile cut at 1.25 in (?)
- I <3 u cut at 1 in

I hope she stands this card up on her desk when she is studying. Hopefully this will encourage her and brighten up her day!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Love You a Latte

Here is another card I made with the "Just Because Cards" cartridge.
I just can't get enough!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinosaur Birthday

This past week was my boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to make him a 'fun' card.
He usually likes my cards where the shape itself is of some unique figure.

Here is a cute A2 card:

Materials used:
- Dark blue cardstock 5.5x8.5 in
- Light blue cardstock 5.25x4 in
- Dinosaur cut at 4 in
- Grass cut at 2.5 in
- Happy birthday phrase cut at 1.75 in

So did you guys notice that I tried to cut around the dinosaur's neck and head? haha..I wanted to make the card shaped around the dinosaur's head...I think it turned out okay.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I will hopefully blog more often over the next week =)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Peachy

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share another card I made using the "Just Because Cards" cartridge!

I figure this card could be used for almost any occassion!

Materials used:
- White cardstock 8.5x5.5 in
- Orange cardstock 4x5.25 in
- Citrus matstack
- Just peachy cut at 1.75 in
- Peach cut at 2.75 in
- Celebrate it Ribbon

Thanks for stopping by! Look out for a cute coffee card coming soon! =D

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank Ewe

So another reason why I like the "Just Because Cards" cartridge is because of the cute puns they have! 

Sorry this picture couldn't be any better. In case you can't see it, the 'grainy' blue background actually resembles jeans texture!

A7 or 5X7 in card:

Materials used:
- Light blue cardstock 10x5 in
- White cardstock 4.75x6.75 in
- Citrus Matstack
- Thank ewe cut at 3.5 in (I think..sry!)
- Lamb cut at 4 in.
- Bling from Studiog
- Michaels $1 bin ribbon

I am now in love with this type of bow and here is the great tutorial I found to share with you all!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Just Because" Cards Cartridge

My new "Just Because" Cards cricut cartridge came in and I was super excited to open it especially since I won this cartridge for under $20 on eBay!

I've seen this "Thanks a Melon" card everywhere and decided to make a version of my own =)

This A2 card was really simple and easy to make!

Materials used:
- Lime green cardstock 8.5x5.5 in
- Patterned cardstock from Recollections 4x5.25 in
- Thanks a Melon cut at 2 in
- Melon cut at 2.5 in
- Martha Stewart edge punch
- Essentials Ribbon: yellow

So the "Thanks a melon" and "melon" cut sizes are a little misleading...but I really did have to cut the "melon" at 2.5 in for it to be that ''big'' of a size! I must have misread/skipped a section on the instructions on how to use this cartridge!

Isn't this card simple and cute?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day!

I am doing a quick post before I am off to my Valentine's day dinner!
This is a really simple and cute cricut card you can make for a birthday event.

A2 card:

Materials used:
- Green cardstock 8.5x5.5 in
- Yellow cardstock 5.5x4 in
- Patterned paper 4.5x3.5 in
- Ice cream cut at 2.5 in
- Martha Stewart edge punch
- Ribbon from...Michaels? (dont remember!)

^ For those of you who own this cartridge, you may realize that the ice cream is missing a smiley face...! when I was done cutting all the parts, I couldn't find it's mouth anywhere!!! Therefore, I left it out. haha. Probably would have been cuter with the smiley face, though!

Hope you all enjoy this bright and fun birthday card! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Birthday Party

Hello! Here are two birthday cards I made for my girlfriends who celebrated their birthdays together this past weekend.

Materials used:
- Light purple cardstock 7X10 in
- Purple cardstock 4.75X6.75 in
- Ice cream sundae cut at 4 in
- Embossing folder: Happy Birthday
- Ribbon Celebrate it

Materials used:
- Beige cardstock 7.5X9 in, score at 3.75 in
- Recollections patterned cardstock 6X3.5 in
- Make a Wish cut at 2.5 in
- 24 cut at 1.25 in
- Ribbon Celebrate it: Holiday

The girls had some fun activities planned including taking a painting class together! I am not a painter but I was pretty satisfied with the picture I painted that I brought home:

Think I can add painting as a hobby on top of my cricut cards?? haha jk!
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Sundae

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over! woohoo!

I've been continuing making birthday cards and I've come to really like the #10 size (fits in a letter envelope!).
Here is another one. Enjoy!

Materials used:
- Yellow cardstock 7.5X9 in, score at 3.75 in
- Pink cardstock 6X3.5 in
- Embossing folder: Happy birthday
- Martha stewart edge punch
- Sundae cut at 5.5 in
- Hip Hip Hooray cut at 2 in
- Essential Ribbon: yellow

Stamp by TPC studio greetings

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Monday, January 30, 2012


Here is another birthday card I made for my friend who turned 24 earlier this week.
This is a really simple and cute A2 card to make!

Materials used:
- Pink cardstock 5.5X8.5
- Purple cardstock 4X5.25 in
- Cuttlebug Happy Birthday folder
- 24 cut at 2 in
- 24 patterned cardstock from old scraps!
- Celebrate it ribbon: Holiday

Added some bling from Studo g.

Thanks for stopping by!
More birthday cards to come!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays, and More Birthdays!

Hi everyone!

I've been busy with my cricut machine lately making a bunch of birthday cards!
A lot of my best buddies birthdays happen to be in January, February and April-- This is the first year I can officially give them a personalized handmade card =)

I decided to try something different instead of the traditional A2, A7 cards. This is a standard 9 card (I think that's what they call it) and they fit perfectly inside a long letter envelope.

Materials used:
- Pink cardstock 9X7.5 in, score at 3.75 in
- Blue cardstock 8.5X3.5 in
- Martha stewart edge punch
- Cuttlebug: Happy birthday
- Cupcakes cut at 2.25 in.
- Pink patterned paper from Recollections stack

Added some glitter glue ;)
Isn't this a cute card??

A little area for a personalized message and a cool rubber stamp from studiog:

"Birthdays are natures way of telling you to eat more CAKE"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monkey Googly Eyes

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful week!

I made this cute gatefold card for Valentines's Day. This is also my first time using googly eyes. They are so cute!

- Patterned paper- Recollections all seasons
- Monkey & greens (sweethearts) cut at 3.5 in
- Red heart- from a leftover cut!

- Phrase cut at 3 in
- Bananas (create a critter) cut at 2 in
- Ribbon- $1 bin at Michaels
- Martha Stewart edge punch

Look out for more cards! I'm making some birthday ones =D

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Valentine's Card

I know Valentine's day is still weeks away but I couldn't help but to get started on my first Valentine's card!

- Red cardstock 10X5 in
- Light pink cardstock 4.75X6.75 in
- Patterned paper (see pic below): 4 5/8 X 6 5/8 in
- Hugs and kisses (Sweethearts) cut at 3 in
- X<30 cut at 1 in
- Hippo cut at 3 in
- Satin ribbon: ordered online but forgot where!

This is from the Recollections All Seasons Cardstock. I really don't understand why they call it ''cardstock"... I think the paper is pretty thin (in between computer paper and the actual cardstock I use)

Finished product. SO CUTE!!!

<- So I actually hot glued the bow onto the ribbon and button onto the bow. haha. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gift Card Holder

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share this awesome video tutorial I found on the web a few weeks ago:

Cricut Christmas Gift Card Holder

I have been wanting to make something like this for a while but a lot of tutorials I've seen involve cutting up envelopes to use as pockets (maybe I'll try that one day...but I wanted to make something simple!). This tutorial was a great link and I definitely got inspired to create one myself!

I used the cuttlebug (musical florish) to spice things up.

aren't these cute??

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Bridal Shower


So this past weekend, I went to my first bridal shower and also created my first bridal shower card!
I had a lot of fun designing this card since I tried to incorporate the bridal shower theme (winter wonderland) and some of their wedding colors.

This is a 5X7 or A7 card and cuts were made from Sweethearts cartridge:

Materials used:
- Sky blue cardstock 10X7 in
- Maroon cardstock 6.75X4.75
- Patterned paper from a Recollections scrapbook stack
- Bride dress cut at 4 in
- Umbrella cut at 3 in
- Bridal shower phrase cut at 1.5 in
- Celebrate it Ribbon: Holiday
- Rhinestones (my first time!)
- Cuttlebug: Musical florish

My wrapped up present. I split with a friend and got her a GRIDDLE.

I used the last of my Winnie the Pooh (my favorite Disney character) Christmas paper and even made a TAG and envelope. I love it!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy new years!

Did everyone have a great holiday? I certainly did!
Between the family Christmas party, family road trip and catching up with friends, I barely had any time to play with my cricut machine!
I'm glad things are starting to slow down again and I have more time to blog about my cricut card ideas =)

On New Years day, I was finally able to make a quick stop at Michaels for their annual Christmas clearance. I took home these super awesome Christmas ribbons that I will use as non-Christmas ribbons haha. The best part? They were each only $1.99 79 cents!

Then last night, my girlfriends and I finally got together to exchange our secret santa gifts.
Introducing my brand new cricut cartridge, Kate's ABCs! I was super duper excited to get this cartridge!! I think a lot of the images are so adorable. I can't wait to make a card with it!

I also wanted to share my first side step card ever! Thanks to Jayni's measurement tutorials I thought I did a pretty awesome job using Create a Critter and Sweethearts cartridges.

I call this a holiday Christmas scene. Love it!

Thanks for all your support during 2011!
One of my new years resolution for 2012 is to keep inspiring you all with my cricut card ideas!